The timelines available on this page provide guides for the courses and sequences you will need to follow to prepare for entrance to professional programs in the areas indicated. They are not based on a particular major. You should download or print a copy of the timeline appropriate for your program of study, refer to it when planning your courses, and take it to advising sessions with your advisor based on your major so that you can plan how your individual program of study will help you fulfill the expectations as indicated on the timeline.

Remember that these are guidelines—a "best scenario" approach to the required and recommended courses for your professional aspirations. Your individual program of study may differ from what you find here, depending on previous coursework, transfer credits, and other factors as well. You should make a point of discussing the differences during advising sessions.

Each timeline also includes general information which will help you develop your plans to apply for professional school. Pay close attention to areas that detail a competitive GPA, the process for pre-professional ePortfolios, acquiring letters of recommendation, and other areas specific to your chosen area of healthcare.