Get to know your peer advisors in the Academic Resource Center.

Picture of Rafael Alarcon

Rafael Alarcon

Chemistry with Teaching, CST '23

I love ARC allows me to help incoming students find and pursue their passions and welcome them into the Temple family! You'd never know that I...have over fifty plants!

Picture of Nicole Cabrera

Nicole Cabrera

Neuroscience, CLA '23

I love ARC because... I get the opportunity to help students explore their academic interests and find their place at Temple with an amazing team! You'd never know that I... love baking cookies!

Picture of Tabitha Cavaliere

Tabitha Cavaliere

Speech, Language & Hearing Science, CPH '22

I love ARC because... every member of the staff is genuinely kind-hearted, caring and eager to help! You'd never know that I... stop to pet every dog I see.

Picture of Ajeet Choxi

Ajeet Choxi

Health Professions, CPH '23

I love ARC because... it provides so many resources for students who want to find their likes and dislikes and eventually find a suitable career. You'd never know that I... am on a Dance team at Temple University

Picture of Guinevere Freeland

Guinevere Freeland

Criminal Justice, CLA '24

I love ARC because...they're always happy to help no matter the complexity of someone's needs. You'd never know that...I have a Duolingo streak that's been going for over 500 days and counting!

Picture of Hannah Pang

Hannah Pang

Graphic & Interactive Design, TYL '22

I love ARC because... I get to help incoming freshmen find their footing at Temple. You'd never know that I... am a skateboarder.