The following is an outline of the process to register for courses as a new non-degree student:

  • If you know the course(s) you would like to take, we recommend searching the Course Schedule to find specific sections. You will be able to indicate your preferred course sections on your application.
  • Create an account and complete an application to take courses.
  • After you have completed the application you will be prompted to upload copies of ALL previous transcripts. Unofficial copies are accepted.
  • Visiting Students will be prompted to initiate a request for approval from an official at their home institution.
  • In order to register for a course a student needs to meet all stated prerequisites.
  • Prior to their enrollment, students may be required to take one or more online placement assessments (some students with college credits may be exempt from this requirement). A Continuing Studies advisor can provide information about these placement assessments. Read more information about the placement assessments.
  • Prior to meeting with a Continuing Studies advisor, we recommend you read about the different Continuing Studies student types.