Joanne Garfield and Sachiko Nakazato-Mehu serve as Temple University's International Student Advisors, providing supplementary academic advising support for matriculated international students across all schools and colleges at Temple. In addition, they also serve as primary academic advisors for Global Programs students.

Global Programs Advising

Global Programs students work with the Global Programs Office through the application process. Once accepted, they are registered for courses by International Students Advisors in the Academic Resource Center.

  • Initial Registration
    After you get accepted you will be invited to attend an online Webinar where you will receive instructions for completing a Prerequisite Worksheet. You will submit your Prerequisite Worksheet which will include your course requests. Your assigned advisor will contact you after your initial registration has been processed.
  • Second Semester Registration
    If you are staying for a second semester at Temple, you will be invited to an in-person Group Advising Session. You will prepare and submit another Prerequisite Worksheet with your second semester course requests.


The Office of International Affairs houses Global Programs. All Global Program students should be in communication with the Global Programs team throughout the application process as well as during their course of study.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is available to assist you with obtaining all required legal documentation for international students. They can assist you with a wide range of important and practical information to ease your transition into Temple University

The Language Lounge has programs for both English language learners and learners of some foreign languages. Students are able to practice their conversation skills and engage in cultural exchange outside of the classroom.

The Writing Center provides assistance on college writing assignments. Meet one-on-one with a tutor to review drafts; to learn about the types of writing that are common in US colleges, to build vocabulary; and to improve clarity, sentence structure and grammar.

The Student Success Center is a student-centered learning facility offering academic support and tutoring for STEM courses.

For questions about International Student advising please contact: