The Major Exploration Academy or MEA is a non-credit program aimed at guiding students toward developing a clearer picture of the major that is right for you. Students are invited to apply each spring semester. The program includes a series of four progressively focused advising sessions, with assigned exercises in between.

Many students who participate in the Major Exploration Academy are ready to declare by the time they complete the program.

Step 1: Identification

It is extremely important that you understand where you are in the major exploration process. First, talk to us about what you have done so far on your journey to choosing a major. Have you taken any classes that really interested you? Is there anyone who you have talked to about their career that may lead you in a certain direction? Do you have any skills that you can mold into a future career? By working through FOCUS2, Temple’s self-exploration assessment, you will be able to evaluate your personal qualities and explore career and study options that are most compatible with your personality.  We can decipher these results during our next meeting.

Step 2: Investigation

We will discuss your Focus2 findings and talk about strengths and weaknesses you may have discovered about yourself. What abilities or skills do you possess that could really help you in your coursework? What topics do you enjoy and what subjects would you rather avoid? Do you have an idea about your ideal job? Hopefully, with the help of FOCUS2 and relevant worksheets developed by our staff, you can answer these questions easily and understand the importance behind your answers. In step 2 we will also begin looking at the majors Temple University has to offer, and more importantly, how they relate to your abilities, likes, and dislikes.

Step 3: Modification

At step 3, we talk about your thoughts so far. Has your attitude changed at all regarding the majors you were considering? You may have discovered things about yourself that you hadn’t explored before or never thought were relevant in conversations about undergraduate majors. At this point in the process, our hope is that you have some firm ideas about possible majors and you are excited about moving forward. Temple faculty and alumni are invaluable resources. They are experts in their fields and can provide insight into their programs and careers. We understand the anxiety that may accompany speaking with professionals in the field. We provide you with tips and talking points to guide you in your conversations.

Step 4: Action

In our final meeting we will work together to develop an action plan for you moving forward. You will completely understand the declaration of major process and feel comfortable as you take the lead in your journey towards choosing a major.

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