Why Apply for Fellowships? 

Students and alumni who apply for scholarships and fellowships learn that it is not just about the funding. Applying for fellowships: 

  • motivates you to reflect on and articulate your own academic and career path 

  • encourages you to develop and maintain relationships with professors and others in your field 

  • pushes you to learn more about the issues you care about 

  • helps you to write and speak more concisely and precisely 

  • connects you with like-minded Temple students and potentially others from across the country or world 

  • shows you that you can work hard to achieve a goal 

While there is no guarantee that your hard work and strong preparation will lead to your receiving a nationally competitive award, we encourage you to pursue excellence, however you define it. The process may be challenging intellectually, professionally, and personally, but the outcome could be a transformative experience that helps you to define who you want to become and how you are going to make an impact on the world. 


Advising and Introductory Fellowships Presentations

Students and recent alumni can make an appointment with Fellowships Advising by using Handshake's Appointments feature. Choose the "Fellowships Advising" option and follow the prompts.

Undergraduate students

In advance of scheduling your first advising appointment, you should:

Graduate students

In advance of scheduling your first advising appointment, review the Find a Fellowship section of this website.

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