This section includes information on available programs, opportunities to reflect on and refine one's academic and career trajectory, and guidance for completing a competitive application.

Gain Experience

There are many great ways to learn more about your academic discipline and career path, and to prepare for future fellowships in the process. Learn more about gaining experience.

Leadership essays

A number of national scholarships and fellowships ask applicants to write about their leadership experiences. Learn more about writing essays.

Fellowship Interviews

Many national fellowships include a campus interview as part of the nomination or evaluation process. Get advice for interviewing for a broad range of fellowships.

Letters of recommendation (for students)

Information to share with your letter writer to make it easier for them to say “Yes” and to write a great letter. Learn more about asking for letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation (for letter writers)

Letters of reference are incredibly important for scholarships like the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, and Truman (among others). Learn more about writing letters of recommendation.