The St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia Scholarship is designed to foster better understanding and relations between the United States and Scotland through the exchange of the best and brightest university students from our respective countries. Each year, the Society provides funds to send a small group of American students to attend a full year at one of the “Four Ancients,” or the Scottish equivalent of the Ivy League: the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St. Andrew’s. These U.S. scholars are chosen from a pool of applicants nominated by 30 participating colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. All Scholars must spend an entire academic year in Scotland. This allows our Scholars to truly experience and appreciate the culture, history, and character of Scotland; to fully immerse themselves in the academic and social life at their chosen University, and to make life-long friends from Scotland and around the world. The current amount of each scholarship is $25,000.  

Institutional Nomination

The St. Andrew’s Scholarship does not accept direct applications; students must be nominated by Temple University’s St. Andrew’s Scholarship Committee.  Please see below for application instructions for nomination.

Campus Deadline

February 1 annually. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All applicants for a St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia scholarship must be: 

  • United States citizens 

  • Enrolled full-time in one of the 30 participating colleges and universities (Temple is a participating university) 

  • Ranked in the top 25% of their class academically. Most recipients will have over a 3.6. 

  • Nominated by their university

  • Willing to spend an entire academic year at any one of the four Scottish universities

  • Willing to attend a meeting of the Society in May prior to departure to be introduced as Scholars, and in October after their return from Scotland to describe their experiences 

The following criteria are not required, and play no part in the selection process: 

  • Scottish ancestry: Scholarships are available to all students, regardless of race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, sex or sexual orientation, age, or physical disability. 

  • Current or intended course of study: Scholarships are available to students currently pursuing any course of study, and who wish to pursue the same or any different course of study while in Scotland. Temple University has found that students in the humanities and social sciences tend to have more course options at these Scottish universities.

  • Financial need: Scholarships are available to students from households of all incomes.

  • Matriculation year: While the majority of our applicants are sophomores who will spend their junior year abroad, scholarships are also open to rising seniors and sophomores.  

Students should review course options at the four universities to determine fit. Be aware of whether the degree is for undergraduate or graduate study. Note that you will find master's degrees for undergraduates, and that is acceptable. When in doubt, contact Fellowships Advising. 

Edinburgh degree finder 

St. Andrew's 



Campus Application Instructions and Checklist 

The St. Andrew’s scholarship requires institutional nomination. Applications made directly to the awarding body will not be considered. Interested candidates are encouraged to meet with Barbara Gorka, Director of Fellowships Advising, well before the February 1 campus deadline. 

Submit the following components by the campus deadline. Items 2-3 should be submitted as one Word document to or

Campus Contact

Barbara Gorka

Director, Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising

Phone: 215-204-0708