Knight-Hennessy, Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Campus Application (Deadline: May 25, 2023) 

The Marshall and Rhodes scholarships require that candidates obtain institutional nomination and endorsement from Temple University in order to apply. The Mitchell requires nomination if you apply as a senior, but not if you apply as a recent graduate. Institutional nomination is optional for the Knight-Hennessy; we recommend that seniors or very recent alumni apply for Knight-Hennessy institutional nomination IF they are also applying for another fellowship (like the Rhodes or Marshall) that requires nomination.

If you are seeking institutional nomination, the first step is to meet with Barbara Gorka, the Director of Fellowships Advising, and then complete the campus application by the campus deadline. 

If you are intending to apply for the Fulbright in the UK or Ireland, the application process is different. See the Temple Fulbright page.  

Fellowships Advising and the Fellowships Review Committee will evaluate your campus application to determine if you are selected for a campus interview. Soon after the interview, you will learn if you have been chosen as one of our nominees. Selection for institutional nomination is based on your past accomplishments, your proposed course of study on the scholarship, your letters of reference, your fit for the scholarship(s), and your future potential. 

Only one application is needed to apply for nomination for the Knight-Hennessy, Marshall, Mitchell, or Rhodes. If you are selected for nomination, you will then prepare individual applications for each scholarship. 

Students and recent alumni who would like to be considered for nomination should meet with Barbara Gorka in advance of the campus deadline. Submit this application to Fellowships Advising ( by 11:59 p.m. on May 25, 2023. If you miss the deadline, please contact Barbara Gorka as soon possible to discuss your individual case. 

Application timeline 

Campus Application Deadline

May 25, 2023 (If you miss the deadline, please contact Barbara Gorka as soon possible to discuss your individual case) 

Campus Nomination Interviews

Early to mid-June 

Completed Scholarship Application(s)

Early to mid-August

National Deadlines

Late September to early October


A complete application consists of the following. Please compile components 3-9 into one PDF and submit it to by 11:59 p.m. on the campus deadline. At the top of the first page, include your name, email address, TUID, and the scholarships you want to be considered for.

Campus Contact

Barbara Gorka

Director, Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising

Phone: 215-204-0708