Cecil B. Moore Scholars Program

The Cecil B. Moore Scholars Program will offer students from North Philadelphia coordinated pre-college preparation, admit students in cohorts for focused campus advising and mentoring, and award scholarships that cover base tuition at Temple. Learn more about the Cecil B. Moore Scholars Program.

Diamond Peer Teachers

The Diamond Peer Teachers Program offers a semester long funded teaching experience under the direction of a faculty mentor. Participants receive a semester stipend and a one credit internship for the pedagogical experience. Learn more about the Diamond Peer Teachers Program.

Diamond Ambassadors Scholarship

The Diamond Ambassadors Scholarship offers eligible invited applicants a scholarship to help meet the expenses of a study abroad experience. Recipients of the scholarship can choose to study at a Temple campus in Italy or Japan, at any of Temple's other programs around the world, or on any Temple-approved study abroad program. Learn more about the Diamond Ambassadors Scholarship.

Merit Scholarship Stipends

Merit Scholarship Educational Enhancement Stipends fund approved faculty-mentored research/creative projects or unpaid internships during the summer or approved study abroad during the academic year or summer for students awarded a stipend upon admission to Temple. Stipends are intended to provide the opportunity to advance students' educational goals outside the classroom. Learn more about Merit Scholarship Educational Enhancement Stipends.

Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising

Temple University students are eligible to apply to a variety of funded opportunities, including scholarships, fellowships, funded summer research opportunities and funded internships. Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising provides information on finding and applying for these kinds of awards, and offers support to students preparing application materials. Visit the Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising website.

University Seminars

University Seminars offer opportunities for students at each stage of their undergraduate career. Each seminar carries undergraduate credit, taught in a small class setting, and all but the Junior seminar include a Peer Facilitator, who provides the "student perspective." Learn more about University Seminars.

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Health Studies

Pre-Professional Health Studies (PPHS) provides advising, application support and educational assistance for students interested in preparing for a career in the following health-care professions: dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, and veterinary medicine as well as with preparation for graduate study in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant programs. PPHS also administers the Health Scholars Program and coordinates admission for related Accelerated Programs. Visit the PPHS Website.

Temple Law Scholars

The Temple Law Scholars Program provides an opportunity for outstanding students to gain provisional admission to Temple University’s Beasley School of Law at the same time they are accepted into an undergraduate program of study. Learn more about the Temple Law Scholars Program.