Transfer Credit Policy (Undergraduate Bulletin)

Initial evaluation of transfer credits is made by Undergraduate Admissions.

There is an expectation that final transcripts from all previously attended institutions be received no later than the start of the student's second semester.

Initial Evaluation of Transfer Credit Process

Initial Evaluation of Transfer Credit Process

Action By

Description of Action



Completes application for admission and sends official transcript(s) and official score reports to Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Scans transcripts and/or score reports and electronically attaches to application.

As received

Undergraduate Admissions

Offer of admission is posted on student's TUportal.

48 hours after decision

Undergraduate Admissions

Adds approved course equivalencies to an admitted student's record. Evaluations are based on the major a student indicates on their application.

Undergraduate Admissions

Credit evaluation statement will be available for student's to view through their TUportal.

The next day


Uses a DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) report created after student accepts the offer of admission to see how courses articulate to their degree.

After tuition deposit is recorded in the system.


Meets with academic advisor during new student orientation and reviews transfer equivalencies and DARS to ensure course equivalencies are appropriate and correct. If applicable goes over program to program grid.

Students can schedule an appointment with their advisor once the Online Orientation for Transfer Students is completed.


When applicable, posts GenEd to GenEd designation on student record upon receipt of final transcript with degree conferred.

Process ends, if transfer equivalencies are correct and complete.

Transfer Credit Appeals Process

Re-evaluation of credits will be facilitated by academic advisors in the students school/college according to standard Temple policies and procedures. Undergraduate Studies will assist with evaluation when necessary.

Credit (re)evaluation/appeals process continues if:

  1. additional transcript(s) are received during first semester of matriculation
  2. General Education (GenEd) Required Course Indicator (RCI) Petition(s)
  3. course(s) needs to be (re)evaluated for College/school/department credit
  4. student changes major, declaration of minor or a second major
  5. original evaluation needs corrections/changes
  6. student received E000 on Credit Evaluation Statement

Student may have to complete one or more of these processes. The entire process can take as little as a few days to as much as the entire semester, depending on the complexity of each student's situation. Factors that may impact the decision process: student's major, student changing major, addition of certificate or minor, missing information, and/or incomplete student record.