Are you curious about how to find research opportunities? Wondering what it's like when you're starting off working with a faculty mentor for the first time? Are you looking for tips on how to prepare a successful Diamond Research Scholars application or CARAS project grant proposal? Have questions about managing mentor relationships? The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors are happy to chat with you!

Picture of Aleena Abbasi '24

Aleena Abbasi '24

Biology major; Public Health minor

I am a sophomore biology major with a minor in public health on the pre-med track. I have been doing research in the Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine (iGEM) in the CST since Fall of my freshman year.

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Picture of Kathrine Kyrylchuk '24

Kathrine Kyrylchuk '24

Biology major; Statistics and Neuroscience Research minor

I first started doing research the summer after my freshman year through the Frances Velay Program and I worked on T-cell and Dendritic Cell research. This fall, I became a part of the Science Scholars Program and am continuing to work in the same lab throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

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Picture of Tyler-Rayne Nero '22

Tyler-Rayne Nero '22

Chemistry major

My undergraduate research has been predominantly on catalysis. I initially worked on creating homogenous catalyst and polymeric materials with Dr. Graham Dobereiner. I currently am working on the catalysis of degrading toxic chemicals with Dr. Eric Borguet.

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Picture of Abhi Pandey '24

Abhi Pandey '24

Neuroscience major; Statistics and Data Science minor

I began conducting research last summer through the Science Scholar Program (SSP) in Dr. Sajjan’s lab where I worked on a project to gain better insight into how rhinovirus migrated between cells. There, I learned various important laboratory techniques that will undoubtedly be beneficial moving forward.

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Picture of Sara Vahdatshoar '23

Sara Vahdatshoar '23

Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity major

I worked with Dr. Sudhir Kumar for about two years participating in bioinformatics— specifically, I analyzed genomic data and helped develop models/programs to better understand phylogenetics and molecular evolution. Currently, I am working with Dr. Erik Cordes and deep sea marine ecology. I will be working with environmental data, population data, and video samples to understand the speciation and conservation of corals.

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