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Dylan Chirman
Diamond Research Scholar
Graduated Spring 2021

Evaluation of Chemically Induced Hypoxia in Porcine Tissue Engineered Cartilage
The goal of this research was to assess the effectiveness of a chemical analog to hypoxic cell culture in tissue engineered cartilage constructs. We analyzed cartilage matrix proteins in the tissue engineered constructs using infrared spectroscopy, immunofluorescence microscopy, and histology.

Leah DeFlitch 
Diamond Research Scholar
Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular
Graduated Spring 2021

Distinct Differences in Hippocampal Gene Expression Patterns in Aged vs. Young Rats Following an Acute Immune Challenge 
Aging increases the risk of an abrupt cognitive decline, termed delirium, following an injury or illness. Importantly, delirium often acts as a precursor for dementia and related neurodegenerative disorders. By modeling delerium's symptoms in rats, it is possible to study the differences in how aged and young rats respond to immune challenge. Results show that aged animals may mount a distinct and more limited response to infection than their young counterparts and that this response may prime them for dementia later in life.

John Anderson Harris
Diamond Research Scholar
Graduated Spring 2020

Craft, Surface, & Function: An Interpretation of Kant's Notion of Adherent Beauty
What does it mean to judge something as beautiful? Kant suggests that judgments of beauty can only exist with objects that don't clearly have a functional purpose, like a flower. However, what about objects that have a purpose like buildings or vases? Can these objects be beautiful? My project proposes a solution to the problem of beauty in functional objects within Kant's system.

Steven D. Hamilton
CARAS Project Grant Recipient and Diamond Research Scholar
Graduated Fall 2020

A Consumer Choice Model for Effective Altruism
In my research paper I combined the standard economic models of charitable giving and consumer choice, showing how it’s possible to frame a choice to donate to charity as an optimizable purchase of health-outcomes for those in the developing world. I also did significant research into ways to measure the best possible outcome-per-dollar; drawing mostly on’s research, I discussed how it’s possible to save a life for around $3,400 and curing parasites in children is one of the most cost-effective uses of one’s charity dollars.

Jarryd Kainz 
CARAS Project Grant Recipient and Diamond Research Scholar
Political Science
Graduated Spring 2020

The Kurdish Question: Pathways Towards Autonomy and Unification 
My project tracked the political development of the Kurdish people by state from the 1920's to 2019 and made proposals for increased Kurdish autonomy within their host states as well as next steps towards political unification between Kurdish groups across states.

Andrea Morales 
CARAS Project Grant Recipient 
Graduated Spring 2020

The Dawn of Disenchantment: Puerto Rican Autonomist Movements from 1887 until 1917 
I studied the shifts in Puerto Rican cultural narratives and nationalism throughout the nineteenth century. In addition, I focused on how members of the mixed-race creole elite navigated through spaces pertaining to race, nationalism, and patriotism in the pursuit for self-determination.

Alleh Naqvi
Diamond Research Scholar and CARAS Project Grant Recipient
English Creative Writing and Political Science
Graduated Spring 2020

Tahrir : Liberation
My project is a sci-fi novella drawing inspiration from the Palestine-Israeli conflict to tell the story of Somaiya Ali, an eighteen year old Muslim girl who is caught in the midst of civil unrest and conflict after Farad forces attack her home. She goes on an intergalactic adventure with her friend to lead an uprising against their tyrannical government.

Morgan Rollins
CARAS Project Grant Recipient
Biomechanical Engineering
Graduated Spring 2021

Prosthetics of the Future
In this project we aimed to make a well functioning myo-electric prosthetic for under 4,000 dollars. Most prosthetics of this caliber cost 50,000-80,000 dollars.

Kyra Skoog 
Diamond Research Scholar
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Graduated Spring 2020

Predicting Intelligibility: An Investigation of Speech Sound Accuracy in Childhood Apraxia of Speech
The goal of the study was to determine if there is a relationship between accuracy of speech sounds and intelligibility (how well you are understood) in children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The preliminary results suggest the more accurate productions are, the easier it is to understand what is being said.

Hibby Thach 
Diamond Research Scholar
Graduated Spring 2020

A Cross-Game Look at Transgender Representation in Video Games
I performed a textual analysis of 63 games with trans content on the LGBTQ Game Archive and found four overarching tropes in trans representation in video games, with three being present in other media research as well; the largest trope, gender ambiguity, was not present in other media research. My findings suggest that video games can show us new ways of looking at other media.