Are you curious about how to find research opportunities? Wondering what it's like when you're starting off working with a faculty mentor for the first time? Are you looking for tips on how to prepare a successful Diamond Research Scholars application or CARAS project grant proposal? Have questions about managing mentor relationships? The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors are happy to chat with you!

Picture of Kathrine Kyrylchuk '24

Kathrine Kyrylchuk '24

Biology major; Statistics and Neuroscience Research minor

I first started doing research the summer after my freshman year through the Frances Velay Program and I worked on T-cell and Dendritic Cell research. The following fall, I became a part of the Science Scholars Program and continued to work in the same lab throughout the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. I then transitioned intoa Microbiology/Immunology lab this past summer as part of the Diamond Research Scholars.

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Picture of Abhi Pandey '24

Abhi Pandey '24

Neuroscience major; Statistics and Data Science minor

I began conducting research last summer through the Science Scholar Program (SSP) in Dr. Sajjan’s lab where I worked on a project to gain better insight into how rhinovirus migrated between cells. There, I learned various important laboratory techniques that will undoubtedly be beneficial moving forward.

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Picture of Faisal Shaikh '25

Faisal Shaikh '25

Data Science w/conc. Bioinformatics and Genomics major

I first started doing research the summer after my freshman year under the independent research course at the Temple Ambler Forest Observatory and have researched Tornado effects on Temperate Deciduous Forest Mortality. This fall, I continued my research at the Forest Observatory as part of the Undergraduate Research Program. I also conduct clinical research in the cardiology department at the Temple Hospital.

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Picture of Salvin Kabir '24

Salvin Kabir '24

Biology major; Math minor

I started doing research in the summer after my first year under the Fox Chase Cancer Center Fellowship in Dr. Wu’s lab in the Molecular therapeutics department. I spent my summer working with Talin and Kindlin protein crystallization and co-crystallization with different compounds.

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Picture of Caedyn Lipovsky '25

Caedyn Lipovsky '25

Neuroscience major; Computer Science minor; pre-med track

I first started research the spring of my freshman year or Dr. Liu-Chen in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine where we analyzed the distribution of kappa opioid receptors in different brain regions using CLARITY technology. Currently, I am learning the ins-and-outs of computational neuroscience modeling in Dr. Iyad Obeid's lab in the College Engineering with the hope of using models to have clinical applications.

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