Sophomore Caedyn Lipovsky

Caedyn Lipovsky '25

Neuroscience major; Computer Science minor; pre-med track

I first started research the spring of my freshman year or Dr. Liu-Chen in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine where we analyzed the distribution of kappa opioid receptors in different brain regions using CLARITY technology. Currently, I am learning the ins-and-outs of computational neuroscience modeling in Dr. Iyad Obeid's lab in the College Engineering with the hope of using models to have clinical applications.

Research has been a way for me to better understand my interests. I joined Dr. Liu-Chen's lab in order to gauge whether I wanted to pursue an MD, Phd or both. Then at some point, I also considered pursuing a career in neuropsychology. After taking a few more neuroscience classes in addition to some programming courses, I found a new interest in computational neuroscience, and in particular clinical application of computational models. In the future, I hope to pursue an MD and eventually work as a neurologist and a medical-school professor. Overall, my main goal as an Undergraduate Research Ambassador is to show students that research can be used to experiment with your interests and that it’s okay to change your mind.

Other info about me: Neither of my parents pursued careers in S.T.E.M., but my mom has always supported me with whatever I decided to pursue long-term. Outside of research, I also enjoy cooking and watching movies and have an active role in Grey Matters.

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