Transfer Agreements

To better encourage and facilitate the transfer of Luzerne County Community College (Luzerne) to Temple University, Temple and Luzerne have established articulation agreements with one another. 

Dual Admissions

The Dual Admissions agreement between Temple and Luzerne conditionally admits students to Temple at the same time they are admitted to a community college, and provides the opportunity for merit scholarships to Temple for those students. Students may enroll in the Dual Admissions program before completing 30 credits, including any credits from colleges previously attended. Students are then admitted to Temple upon attaining their associate's degrees at the community college. Click here for more details about Dual Admissions with Luzerne.

GenEd-to-GenEd and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements

GenEd-to-GenEd and Core-to-Core Transfer agreements accept -- upon Temple evaluation and approval -- the general education requirements of approved associate degrees in lieu of Temple's Core or GenEd requirements. Students entering Temple with an approved Associate degree are identified upon admission to or enrollment in the University and their fulfillment of the General Education by a GenEd Transfer Agreement is noted on pertinent student records.

The following Luzerne County Community College associate degrees are approved:

GenEd to GenEd: This agreement applies to students who received an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from Luzerne in a degree program the student entered in the fall of 2002 or after, and who first enroll at Temple for or after the fall 2011 semester.  For those students, Temple agrees to accept the general education embedded in the Luzerne degrees as meeting all the requirements of its undergraduate University General Education Curriculum (Gen Ed).

Transfer students should be aware that GenEd-to-GenEd and Core-to-Core transfer relates only to University General Education requirements. All requirements of Temple’s schools and colleges and major programs of study remain in force.

Make sure that your final transcript, indicating receipt of the Associate degree, is available to your Temple advisor, so your advisor can make sure the proper transfer status is noted on your student record. Your official transcript must note the receipt of your degree for an advisor to update the system.

Program-to-Program Agreement

This agreement provides accurate curricular information for prospective transfer students and their academic advisors by lining up associate degree requirements and baccalaureate requirements. The agreement indicates which courses students should take during their associate program in order to be prepared for the Temple baccalaureate program into which they wish to transfer.

Temple and Luzerne County Community College have entered into the following Program-to-Program agreement:


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