Senior Brianna Kline-Costa-Chavez

Brianna Kline-Costa-Chavez '23

Political Science major; Global Studies minor

 I first conducted research via the LAURA grant my junior year, assisting Dr. Jessica Stanton in her research on UN Resolution 1373 and the human rights consequences of anti-terrorism legislature. This semester, I am researching the symbolism of gendered violence in the Guatemalan Civil War, funded by the CARAS grant. This past summer, I had the opportunity to complete the Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute Fellowship, which introduced me to policy research as well. I have also presented my research at the Symposium for Undergraduate Research and I am in the process of applying for a Fulbright!

My research has been the most compelling and fulfilling aspect of my undergraduate experience thus far. It has allowed me to experiment delving into specific areas of interest and sparked my passion for human rights. Being one of the first people in my family to go to college, I entered university feeling leagues behind my peers. Research allowed me to develop confidence in my intellect and abilities, and expertise in a specific field. Prior to junior year, I was also working at a restaurant full-time. Since then, my research grants and scholarships have been able to fully fund my living expenses and allow me to focus fully on my education, as well as opening opportunities post-graduation. For students from low-income or first / second generation backgrounds, unfortunately, getting into college is only the first step. Research has since then opened worlds of opportunities for me.  

When I am not conducting research, I play (and teach) piano, and I teach English to refugees! I love playing and listening to music. Some of my favorite artists are Brent Faiyaz, SiR, and MF Doom. 

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