Sophomore Abhi Pandey

Abhi Pandey '24

Neuroscience major; Statistics and Data Science minor

I began conducting research last summer through the Science Scholar Program (SSP) in Dr. Sajjan’s lab where I worked on a project to gain better insight into how rhinovirus migrated between cells. There, I learned various important laboratory techniques that will undoubtedly be beneficial moving forward.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time participating in the cutting edge research offered at Temple. What made it even more enjoyable was the fact that the faculty share the same excitement as you when you choose to work with them. Overall, it was and continues to be a rewarding experience that also gives you an opportunity to learn countless skills and techniques. I personally loved the prospect of having the opportunity to do graduate level research as an undergraduate student and I was excited to be able to cultivate my same level of enthusiasm in others!

Other info about me: I am the first person in my family to go through the American education system. I am also involved as an Ambassador for another organization that focuses on helping immigrant children! I am also in FIMRIC, HWB, Health Link Society, and AMSA.

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