Senior Alexandra Hehn

Alexandra Hehn '23

Neuroscience major; Psychology minor

My involvement with research at Temple began the Summer of 2021 in Dr. Debra Bangasser’s Neuroendocrinology and Behavior Lab. My research in this lab has predominantly investigating the impact of early life stress on addiction behavior in rats, which has been done utilizing cocaine intravenous self-administration (IVSA). I have also been involved with doing the lab’s colony management and breeding. Starting in January, I will be working in Dr. Ames Sutton’s Neurobiology of Feeding Behavior and Motivation Lab, studying feeding behavior in mice utilizing a rodent model of anorexia. Additionally, I will also be working at CHOP as a Student Clinical Research Assistant, participating in research being done at their Center for Autism Research.

I fell in love with research when I began working in the NBL, and quickly realized that research was something I wanted to make a career out of. I recognize that the process of finding a lab and becoming involved can be very daunting. I became an Undergraduate Research Ambassador to help other students through the process so hopefully they can have as great of an experience as I have.

Outside of research, I have gotten very into running. In fact, I will be running the Philadelphia Half Marathon only two days after I get back from presenting at the Society for Neuroscience!

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