Junior Kathrine Kyrylchuk

Kathrine Kyrylchuk '24

Biology major; Statistics and Neuroscience Research minor

I first started doing research the summer after my freshman year through the Frances Velay Program and I worked on T-cell and Dendritic Cell research. The following fall, I became a part of the Science Scholars Program and continued to work in the same lab throughout the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. I then transitioned into a Microbiology/Immunology lab this past summer as part of the Diamond Research Scholars where I am continuing with research involving the adaptive immune system and biofilms.

Doing research as an undergraduate has been very influential in deciding what I want to do in the future. I always knew I wanted to do research but coming to Temple it was hard for me to figure where exactly to start. I want to be able to show everyone not only how to know if research is for you but how to get involved if you are interested.

Other info about me: I am a first generation student (I'm Ukrainian) as well as an only child and neither of my parents do anything STEM related so it was up to me to not only navigate college without the help of an older sibling or parent but to get myself involved in research as soon as possible.

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