Junior Rohan Harolikar

Rohan Harolikar '24

Biology major; Chemistry minor

I am a Biology major in the class of 2024 with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in American Sign Language. I also work as a PASS Leader in the Student Success Center.

Through the Science Scholars program, I started research in January of 2021 and my current research focuses on the protein modifications that are associated with suppression of Calcium ion transport through the membranes of melanoma (skin cancer) cells at Fels Cancer Institute at Lewis Katz School of Medicine.

I loved research as soon as I started and am working towards a career in medical and/or biochemical research and I hope to one day run my own lab and I plan to apply to graduate school next year! I always was interested in research and conducting undergrad research at Temple in different labs (I previously did ecology research at Temple Ambler campus) has proven to me that a career in research is what I want. I hope to get more people involved in research as a potential career and help them get started and find where they belong!

Outside of school, I like to play soccer and serve on the EBoard of the club Grassroots Soccer, in addition to intramural soccer (and volleyball). I am also a member of Humanity First, Chemical Society, and Talking Hands Club! I am an international student from India.

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